Student Testimonials

"Heather has a unique and empathic sensibility that allows her to shine a light on others and supports the insight required to let their poems bloom."

—Beth Krumholz


"Heather’s mindful teaching style and inspiration have enabled me to find my voice and my truth. As I embark on an amazing writing adventure, Heather’s gentle support and constructive feedback guide my writing to a depth and richness I never expected.

—Carolyn Caporuscio


"You are outstanding—I am really impressed with your teacher skills!  I appreciate how you present new poetic forms and explain literary devices utilizing the workshop's poems. You are doing an exceptional job teaching such a diverse group of students with such diverse experience writing poetry. Any class I get to take with you is a privilege. I really, really mean that!"

—Judy Speicher


"As a freelance writer always exploring new paths to express myself, I gave Heather Thomas's Write Your Life a try this summer. I never considered memoir writing as an outlet, but now I'm catching and releasing snippets from my past as real stories—stories that capture my truth with all the bumps, bruises and high points fully developed. Or at least on their way. The summer workshop with Heather changed my life and my goals as a writer. Each week she sat across the table from me during our readings and critiques and coaxed out my best. I can't think of a more generous, more supportive, more positive force for my work. I'd follow her anywhere and look forward to the next class. And I'll wait months if I have to.

—Linda Miller


"I have learned much about how to write and see the “inside” of poetic structure. I have been given tools to give foundations to writing a poem. I like the way the class is taught. The assignments, such as “ramages” and “line breaks,” open doors of creative ideas."

—Paul Laincz


"The passion for words is deeply supported by Heather. I am inspired to write and explore all possibilities, new ideas, and techniques. I am growing into new ways of being with poetry. I appreciate the energy and flow of the class. The sharing, and listening are valuable. Heather’s teaching is organized and easy to follow."

—Michelle Wasik